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Condensed Monospace Font Preview by GreasyBacon
Condensed Monospace Font Preview
This is a font project I've been working on the side and decided to upload a preview of it. The main goal of this font was to make a mono space condensed font that had a strict guideline of using the circles as the main curve of the font. I also would like to not have the need for kerning if possible. The obvious problem is "LT" next to each other but not sure what i'll do about that, since it's it IS a mono space font in the end.

It'll have a thin, regular, bold, and heavy weight variation and will most likely be in .otf. But I'ma try to get it in .ttf when it's complete.

For right now it's a preview and not downloadable and am looking for critiques as well if anyone has any.

Also don't have any names for the font set in stone yet.


United States
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